How to register?

To register please click "Enter with password" button in the top-right corner of any MegaZip online shop page and then "Sign in". Please indicate your e-mail address and password there. As soon as you submit information (press "Sign in" button) confirmation letter will be sent to indicated e-mail address automatically. Then you can use your e-mail address as login every time when you want to sign in.

Forgot password?

On sign-in page please click "Forgot password".

Indicate there e-mail address which you used during registration on MegaZip online shop and click "Submit" button. E-mail with password will be sent to your e-mail address immediately. If you still can’t log in, please contact with manager of MegaZip online shop.

What is EMS and DHL? How will I get my parcel?

EMS is an accelerated mail delivery service for which the customer pays a surcharge and receives faster delivery. EMS is service for domestic and international mail and is in most countries governed by a country's own postal administration. As of January of 2015, EMS was offered by more than 190 countries and territories worldwide.

DHL is is a division of the German logistics company Deutsche Post DHL providing international express mail services. DHL is a world market leader in sea and air mail presented in over 220 countries and territories across the globe. All parcels are delivered right to that address which you provide in your personal account (door-to-door delivery).

Should I check parcel contain?

When you get parcel, please make sure that name and number of parts which you received are the same as shown in the invoice.If anything is missing or damaged (esp. glass or plastic), please ask courier or post officer to make list of these parts and send its copy with invoice to us. Please consider that some orders are delivered by several parcels. So you should check parcel in accordance with the invoice exactly, not with your full order.

How do I pay for my order ?

You can use worldwide payment methods like Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.

How can I get refund?

If for some reasons we can’t process your order, all money will be returned on your web-site account. You can use this money to pay for your future orders or ask to return them back to your card.

I can’t find my vehicle on your web-site.

Actually some models are not listed in our catalogues. If you know OEM Parts Numbers (original equipment manufacturer part number), you can use search box in the top-right corner of the web page. Some parts can be found in our database .For other models you can download PDF catalogues. To download PDF catalogut please use this link. Also you can always ask technical support manager for to help.

Can you guarantee that I will get my order?

First version of Megazip online shop was opened in 2006 year. Since that time shop became very popular amoung car and moto enthusiasts. We know the worth of good reputation and always do our best to satisfy each client, because every customer is important for us. On our online forum you can ask support engineers for any necessary assistance, contact other customers to share your experience or just chat.

What is OEM part?

OEM part is the part which was made by a company that is a subcontractor to a vehicle manufacturer.OEM parts manufacturer usually puts his stamp on the product (part), so if you buy original Suzuki bearing, you’ll probably see KOYO label on it. It is also likely to see Mitsubishi emblem on Yamaha ignition unit. Please note that the same part can be produced by several manufacturers. Such policy is common worldwide and used to encourage competition between manufacturers and improve the quality of goods.

I can’t place an order/ add parts to the cart. What should I do?

To work on our website you should have Internet Explorer versions 6 or above, Opera 9 or above and Mozilla Firefox version 9 or above.

If you use Opera, please turn off Opera Turbo (which is in bottom-left corner of your browser). If website buttons do not work, please clear your cache and cookies.To refresh cache press hold CTRL and then press F5, if you use Internet Explorer, hold CTRL (or shift) and then press R, if you use Opera, hold CTRL and then press Shift+R, if you use Firefox.

To clear cookies in the Internet Explorer Select Tools > Internet Options, click on the General tab and then the Delete button. Make sure to uncheck Preserve Favorites website data and check both Temporary Internet Files and Cookies then click Delete.

If you use Mozilla Firefox, click the menu Tools button, choose History and then Clear Recent History. Next, click the arrow next to Details to select exactly what information will get cleared. Choose cookies and click the Clear Now button. The window will close and the items you've selected will be cleared.

If you use Opera, click Delete Private Data. On the Delete Private Data screen click Details. Check the following boxes: Delete all cookies and Delete entire cache. Then click Delete.

If nevertheless website does not work, please e-mail to our managers and provide them with the following information :

  1. operating system installed on the computer
  2. version of your internet browser
  3. link to the page, which does not work correctly
  4. brief description of performed actions

We will check your information and fix website as soon as possible.