8 Signs Your Car's Fuel Pump Is Going Bad

Fuel pumps are found on virtually all internal combustion engine-equipped vehicles in one form or another. As the vehicle reaches high mileage, it is not uncommon for fuel pumps to go bad and require a replacement.

If your vehicle is displaying any of the symptoms listed below, or you suspect your fuel pump may be having an issue, inspect your vehicle for a failed fuel pump.

Whining Noise From the Fuel Tank

Most fuel pumps will produce a quiet hum during their normal operation, however, an excessively loud whine coming from the fuel tank is usually a sign of a problem.

Difficulty Starting

A weak fuel pump may still pump fuel, but the vehicle may experience difficulty starting from the lack of pressure.

Engine Sputtering

Should you be driving at a consistently high speed and the engine suddenly sputter before returning to normal operation, it may indicate issues within the fuel pump.

Stalling at High Temperatures

Stalling can happen because of multiple problems within a vehicle but pay attention when it happens frequently at high temperatures shown on the car’s thermometer.

Loss of Power Under Stress

Another indication of a bad fuel pump is a loss of power when the vehicle is under stress — such as driving uphill or carrying a heavy load — or while accelerating. The engine shuts down because weakening parts of the fuel pump cannot keep up with the car’s heightened fuel demands in these situations.

Car Surging

Irregular resistance inside the fuel pump motor may cause vehicle surging, and indicates a fuel pump in need of repair.

Car Seems to Consume More Petrol

If it seems like you’re filling up your car more than usual, it may be because of an issue within the fuel pump. A valve within the fuel pump may not be opening, causing more fuel than necessary to pour into the engine system. Excess fuel in the engine does not get stored or used.

Car Will Not Start

If the fuel pump fails completely — to the point of not being able to provide enough fuel for the engine to run, the vehicle will refuse to start.

Of course, these are just some general signs that should tell you - you might need a new fuel pump. If you are worried about your car performance or noticed some of these signs, we recommend you talk to the authorized mechanic in the first place. Replacing you fuel pump can be a costly job but we can help you save on parts with 10% off on all genuine OEM fuel pumps on our site.