311B0500 NUT-HEX,5MM, Kawasaki

Part Number 311B0500

NUT-HEX,5MM, Kawasaki 311B0500 oem parts
Sorry, this part is obsolete

Unfortunately, this part is showing as no longer available with manufacturer.
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This NUT-HEX,5MM Kawasaki, 311B0500 fits the models, which are indicated below. To see the parts diagram, choose the model:

Compatibility models:

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New genuine part NUT-HEX,5MM, Kawasaki, 311B0500 is

  • For Motorcycle: Kawasaki KL600, Kawasaki Model "H", Kawasaki KZ1000, Kawasaki KZ650, Kawasaki KZ400, Kawasaki KX500, Kawasaki KX450, Kawasaki KX85, Kawasaki KX80, Kawasaki KL650, Kawasaki Model "S", Kawasaki KL250, Kawasaki Model "G", Kawasaki Model "F", Kawasaki EX500, Kawasaki EX400, Kawasaki EX250, Kawasaki ER250, Kawasaki BJ250, Kawasaki EL250, Kawasaki ZX400, Kawasaki KX250/ KX252, Kawasaki ZX1100, Kawasaki ZX1000, Kawasaki ZX900, Kawasaki ZX750, Kawasaki ZX600, Kawasaki ZX500, Kawasaki ZR1100, Kawasaki ZR750, Kawasaki ZR400, Kawasaki ZL600, Kawasaki VN1600, Kawasaki VN1500, Kawasaki C2, Kawasaki A1, Kawasaki AR125, Kawasaki AR50, Kawasaki AR80, Kawasaki EN400, Kawasaki EN450, Kawasaki EX305, Kawasaki KD125, Kawasaki KD175, Kawasaki KDX125, Kawasaki KDX200, Kawasaki KDX250, Kawasaki KDX400, Kawasaki KE100, Kawasaki KE125, Kawasaki KE175, Kawasaki KH100, Kawasaki KH125, Kawasaki KH250, Kawasaki KH400, Kawasaki KLE250, Kawasaki KLE400, Kawasaki KLE500, Kawasaki KM100, Kawasaki KMX125, Kawasaki KMX200, Kawasaki KS125, Kawasaki KT250, Kawasaki KV100, Kawasaki KX100, Kawasaki KX125, Kawasaki KX400, Kawasaki KX65, Kawasaki KZ1100, Kawasaki KZ1300, Kawasaki KZ250, Kawasaki KZ440, Kawasaki KZ700, Kawasaki KZ750, Kawasaki MC1, Kawasaki VN250, Kawasaki VN750, Kawasaki W1, Kawasaki W2, Kawasaki Z250, Kawasaki Z305, Kawasaki Z550, Kawasaki Z750, Kawasaki ZG1000, Kawasaki ZG1200, Kawasaki ZG1300, Kawasaki ZL400, Kawasaki ZR250, Kawasaki ZR550, Kawasaki ZX550
  • For ATV: Kawasaki KAF450, Kawasaki KAF540, Kawasaki KAF620, Kawasaki KAF950, Kawasaki KVF400, Kawasaki KXT250, Kawasaki KLF220, Kawasaki KLF250, Kawasaki KLF300, Kawasaki KLF400, Kawasaki KLT 110, Kawasaki KLT 160, Kawasaki KLT 185, Kawasaki KLT 200, Kawasaki KLT 250, Kawasaki KVF300
  • For Watercraft: Kawasaki JET SKI 400
  • For Generator: Kawasaki GA1400A, Kawasaki GA1800A, Kawasaki GA2300A, Kawasaki GA3200A, Kawasaki GA3200A-S, Kawasaki GE4300A, Kawasaki GE5000A, Kawasaki IGE500A-S, Kawasaki KG4000A, Kawasaki KG4000A-S, Kawasaki KG5000-AS, Kawasaki KG5000A, Kawasaki KG5000A-S