90280-03045-00 Key, Woodruff, Yamaha

Part Number 90280-03045-00, 902800304500, 90280-03045, 9028003045, 90280 03045

Key, Woodruff, Yamaha 90280-03045-00 oem parts
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This Key, Woodruff Yamaha, 90280-03045-00 fits the models, which are indicated below. To see the parts diagram, choose the model:

Compatibility models:

Search Yamaha part by OEM part numbers: 90280-03045-00, 902800304500, 90280-03045, 9028003045, 90280 03045

New genuine parts Key, Woodruff, Yamaha, 90280-03045-00 is used

  • For Motorcycle: Yamaha LTS125, Yamaha WR250, Yamaha YZ250, Yamaha YZ400, Yamaha XC155, Yamaha BX50 (GEAR), Yamaha CE50 (JOG), Yamaha DT125, Yamaha DT200, Yamaha FZR250, Yamaha FZX250 (ZEAL), Yamaha HW125, Yamaha HW151, Yamaha NS50, Yamaha NXC125, Yamaha PW50 (ZINGER), Yamaha TDR125, Yamaha TTR125, Yamaha TZR125, Yamaha WR200R, Yamaha WR400F, Yamaha WR500Z, Yamaha XC125 (CYGNUS), Yamaha XC50 (VINO), Yamaha XF50 (C3/ VOX/ GIGGLE), Yamaha XT125, Yamaha YJ125 (VINO), Yamaha YN50 (NEO'S/ OVETTO), Yamaha YP125 (SKYLINER/ MAJESTY/ X-MAX), Yamaha YP150 (MAJESTY), Yamaha YP180 (MAJESTY), Yamaha YW125 (BW`S), Yamaha YW50 (BW`S), Yamaha YZ125, Yamaha YZ490, Yamaha YZ80, Yamaha YZ85
  • For ATV: Yamaha YXZ1000, Yamaha BLASTER
  • For Snowmobile: Yamaha SRS10/ SW10, Yamaha FX10/ RFX10, Yamaha PZ50/ RPZ50, Yamaha RS10/RS90/RST90/RSG90, Yamaha SR10/ SRV10, Yamaha VK 10
  • For Watercraft: Yamaha EX1050, Yamaha LBT1050, Yamaha VX1050
  • For Generator: Yamaha EF1600, Yamaha EF900FW