OEM Outboard Parts

Each manufacturer tries to meet highest quality standards when he produces an outboard engine. But even best engines can break. In this case MegaZip online shop offers you to buy original spare parts for Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda or Mercury-MerCruiser outboard engines at the lowest prices.

Outboard engines of Japanese and American manufacturers are the dream of any outdoor activity lovers. Those engines are small in size, but powerful. Yamaha engines are reliable, Suzuki have good machine features, Honda is easy to serve and Mercury- MerCruiser is real sport equipment. Proper use of outboard engines guarantees long lifetime for your equipment. However sometimes it’s impossible to fix your outboard engine without buying new parts. We offer you wide range of original spare parts from the world leading manufacturers.

Developed and well-organized Customer Service of Yamaha, Suzuki and Honda manufacturers makes it possible to solve any problem in a short time. But what if vessel owners are not able to contact the service center directly? It's simple: all parts for outboard engines can be purchased in MegaZip online shop.

Why MegaZip? We offer:

  • - best prices
  • - widest possible range of choice
  • - easy payment options
  • - proved manufacturers of spare parts and accessories
  • - door-to-door delivery

We ship parcels worldwide through EMS and DHL. All parcels are delivered right to the customer door and it takes just couple of weeks to receive your order. We accept Visa/MasterCard and PayPal, so you can organize payment for order without leaving your house. We guarantee that we will not sell or distribute your personal bank information.

After getting full payment our managers will process your order shortly and send it to your address. If for some reason you can’t find part or model of your outboard engine in the catalog, you can contact with our managers and check, if parts are available to order.

We will contact you as soon as we review your message.

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