04211-11189-000 PIN, Suzuki

Part Number 04211-11189-000, 0421111189000, 04211-11189, 0421111189, 04211 11189

PIN, Suzuki 04211-11189-000 oem parts
  • Status New Genuine Part
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This PIN Suzuki, 04211-11189-000 fits the models, which are indicated below. To see the parts diagram, choose the model:

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Search Suzuki part by OEM part numbers: 04211-11189-000, 0421111189000, 04211-11189, 0421111189, 04211 11189

New genuine parts PIN, Suzuki, 04211-11189-000 is used

  • For Motorcycle: Suzuki AD50, Suzuki AH50, Suzuki AH75, Suzuki AP50, Suzuki CP50, Suzuki CP80, Suzuki DS80, Suzuki GR650, Suzuki GS1000, Suzuki GS1100, Suzuki GS1150, Suzuki GS250, Suzuki GS400, Suzuki GS425, Suzuki GS450, Suzuki GS500, Suzuki GS550, Suzuki GS650, Suzuki GS850, Suzuki GSF400, Suzuki GSF600, Suzuki GSX-R1100, Suzuki GSX-R400, Suzuki GSX-R750, Suzuki GSX1000, Suzuki GSX1100, Suzuki GSX250, Suzuki GSX400, Suzuki GSX500, Suzuki GSX550, Suzuki GSX600, Suzuki GSX750, Suzuki JR80, Suzuki LS650, Suzuki PV50, Suzuki RC50, Suzuki RF600, Suzuki RF900, Suzuki RG250, Suzuki RG50, Suzuki RG500, Suzuki RG80, Suzuki RM50, Suzuki RM80, Suzuki RMX50, Suzuki SMX50, Suzuki TS50, Suzuki TV50, Suzuki XN85, Suzuki ZR50
  • For ATV: Suzuki LT-F250, Suzuki LT-Z250, Suzuki LT80, Suzuki LTF230