97095-06016-00 Bolt, Yamaha

Part Number 97095-06016-00, 970950601600, 97095-06016, 9709506016, 97095 06016

Bolt, Yamaha 97095-06016-00 oem parts
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This Bolt Yamaha, 97095-06016-00 fits the models, which are indicated below. To see the parts diagram, choose the model:

Compatibility models:

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New genuine part Bolt, Yamaha, 97095-06016-00 is

  • For Motorcycle: Yamaha CY90 (JOG 90), Yamaha FZR1000, Yamaha FZR600, Yamaha RT180, Yamaha TZR125, Yamaha XJR1200, Yamaha XV1100 (VIRAGO), Yamaha XV250 (VIRAGO 250/ V-STAR 250), Yamaha XV750 (VIRAGO), Yamaha YA50 (AXIS/ AXIS PROFOOT), Yamaha YZ450F
  • For ATV: Yamaha MOTO-4, Yamaha BADGER, Yamaha BIG BEAR 350, Yamaha KODIAK 400, Yamaha TIMBERWOLF 250, Yamaha WARRIOR 350
  • For Watercraft: Yamaha WRB700, Yamaha WB700, Yamaha WB800, Yamaha SJ700, Yamaha VX700, Yamaha XAT1800, Yamaha SRT1000, Yamaha SRT1100, Yamaha SV(SUV)1200, Yamaha WRA650, Yamaha WRB650, Yamaha FC1800, Yamaha WRA700, Yamaha XL760, Yamaha 650M, Yamaha 700TL, Yamaha 700TX, Yamaha 1100VN, Yamaha XA(XL/XLT)800, Yamaha XA(XL/XLT)1200, Yamaha FY1100, Yamaha RP1800, Yamaha SAT1800, Yamaha SH1800, Yamaha VC1800, Yamaha XBT1800, Yamaha FY1800, Yamaha FX1800, Yamaha GP760, Yamaha GP800, Yamaha GP1200, Yamaha GP1300, Yamaha GX1800, Yamaha SXT1800, Yamaha RX1800, Yamaha EXC1200, Yamaha FB1800, Yamaha FA1800, Yamaha SXT1100, Yamaha RA1100, Yamaha RA700, Yamaha RA760, Yamaha VX1800, Yamaha RM1800, Yamaha FX700, Yamaha J760E, Yamaha MJ-700, Yamaha WB650, Yamaha WB760, Yamaha WVT1100, Yamaha WVT700, Yamaha WVT760, Yamaha XL700, Yamaha XL700X
  • For Outboard: Yamaha Z250, Yamaha FL300, Yamaha FL350, Yamaha LZ150, Yamaha Z150, Yamaha D150, Yamaha Z175, Yamaha L200, Yamaha LZ200, Yamaha Z200, Yamaha L225, Yamaha Z225, Yamaha L250, Yamaha L150, Yamaha LZ250, Yamaha Z300, Yamaha LZ300, Yamaha F75, Yamaha F13.5, Yamaha 9.9, Yamaha 13.5, Yamaha 48, Yamaha F2.5, Yamaha F5, Yamaha F9.9, Yamaha FL225, Yamaha F185, Yamaha F165, Yamaha F175, Yamaha F275, Yamaha FL250, Yamaha FT9.9, Yamaha F130, Yamaha 3 (Malta), Yamaha FT25, Yamaha FT50, Yamaha Accessories, Yamaha Z240, Yamaha L130, Yamaha FL115, Yamaha FL150, Yamaha FT60, Yamaha FL200, Yamaha 100, Yamaha 115, Yamaha 130, Yamaha 140, Yamaha 15, Yamaha 150, Yamaha 175, Yamaha 2, Yamaha 20, Yamaha 200, Yamaha 225, Yamaha 25, Yamaha 250, Yamaha 30, Yamaha 4, Yamaha 40, Yamaha 5, Yamaha 50, Yamaha 55, Yamaha 6, Yamaha 60, Yamaha 70, Yamaha 75, Yamaha 8, Yamaha 80, Yamaha 85, Yamaha 90, Yamaha F100, Yamaha F115, Yamaha F15, Yamaha F150, Yamaha F2, Yamaha F20, Yamaha F200, Yamaha F225, Yamaha F25, Yamaha F250, Yamaha F30, Yamaha F300, Yamaha F350, Yamaha F4, Yamaha F40, Yamaha F45, Yamaha F50, Yamaha F6, Yamaha F60, Yamaha F70, Yamaha F8, Yamaha F80, Yamaha F90, Yamaha F95
  • For Marine Diesel: Yamaha MU-1, Yamaha MU-3, Yamaha SX420KM, Yamaha SX420KS, Yamaha SX420KSH