90430-12207-00 Gasket, Yamaha

Part Number 90430-12207-00, 904301220700, 90430-12207, 9043012207, 90430 12207

Gasket, Yamaha 90430-12207-00 oem parts
  • Status New Genuine Part
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This Gasket Yamaha, 90430-12207-00 fits the models, which are indicated below. To see the parts diagram, choose the model:

Search Yamaha part by OEM part numbers: 90430-12207-00, 904301220700, 90430-12207, 9043012207, 90430 12207

New genuine part Gasket, Yamaha, 90430-12207-00 is

  • For Motorcycle: Yamaha CS3/ CS5, Yamaha TY350 (TRIALS), Yamaha AT1/ AT2/ AT3, Yamaha DT1/ DT2/ DT3, Yamaha IT, Yamaha JT, Yamaha LT, Yamaha MX, Yamaha DS, Yamaha R3/ R5, Yamaha RT1/ RT2/ RT3, Yamaha TR2/ TR3, Yamaha YZ400, Yamaha YZ250, Yamaha U5/ U7, Yamaha XS1/ XS2, Yamaha YG1/ YG5, Yamaha WR250, Yamaha YR1/ YR2, Yamaha YL1/ YM1/ YM2, Yamaha YD, Yamaha AG100, Yamaha ATM1, Yamaha BW80 (Big Wheel), Yamaha CT, Yamaha DT100, Yamaha DT125, Yamaha DT175, Yamaha DT50, Yamaha DT80, Yamaha G6/G7/GT, Yamaha GTMX, Yamaha HS1, Yamaha HT1, Yamaha L5, Yamaha LB50, Yamaha LB80, Yamaha LB802, Yamaha LS2, Yamaha LTMX, Yamaha PW80 (ZINGER), Yamaha RD, Yamaha RS100, Yamaha RT100, Yamaha RT180, Yamaha RX100, Yamaha RX50, Yamaha SC500, Yamaha TA125, Yamaha TX650, Yamaha TY, Yamaha TY250, Yamaha TZ125, Yamaha TZ250, Yamaha TZ350, Yamaha V50 (MATE 50/ NEWSMATE 50), Yamaha V80 (V80III/ MATE 80), Yamaha WR500Z, Yamaha YA6, Yamaha YCS1, Yamaha YSR50, Yamaha YZ100, Yamaha YZ125, Yamaha YZ175, Yamaha YZ465, Yamaha YZ490, Yamaha YZ50, Yamaha YZ60, Yamaha YZ80
  • For ATV: Yamaha TRI-MOTO, Yamaha TRI-ZINGER, Yamaha BLASTER
  • For Watercraft: